Six Tips to Make Your Customers More Happy

A recent study revealed that nearly two-thirds (23 percent) of Americans prefer brick-and-mortar stores rather than online shopping. Although there are plenty of choices, brick-and-mortar stores remain highly appreciated by shoppers. They simply want more than they used to.

These tips will assist you in making your shop more inviting and comfortable for customers of today.

Free Wi-Fi

Restaurants and cafes are required to have free access to Wi-Fi to ensure they are able to be served efficiently. But, be aware that all small businesses must be equipped with Wi-Fi. Customers have been proven to enjoy shopping in stores more with the use of their tablets and smartphones. People are dependent on their tablets and smartphones that they might not be able to shop at a store without Wi-Fi.

A Restroom That Is Clean And Comfortable

A lot times the most overlooked part of a brick and mortar store is the bathroom. This could have a huge effect on how your customers see your business. To improve efficiency, convenience and hygiene you must ensure that you invest time on reworking your restroom to make it more comfortable and more comfortable for all. Dryers that use air can be utilized to replace paper towels to ensure that there is an efficient flushing system that is not wasteful within the restroom. Additionally it is important to make sure that there are people who are responsible to keep the restroom spotless throughout the period of time.

Comfortable Seating

In order to make your customers feel at ease, you may need to take a few deals from credit cards used by businesses. To allow your customers to relax they can set up tiny seating areas in the close proximity of restrooms, fitting rooms and other places in your shop. Customers of all sizes can be accommodated by bigger chairs and couches So make sure you choose chairs that can be adjusted to all sizes.

Good Music

Business Insider states that people who enjoy loud music can shop more quickly and purchase the same amount of items. Contrarily it is recommended to listen to music with a low tempo so that customers are to not rush, but also allows customers to buy more. Classical music also encourages greater expenditure than music that is popular or none even. However, it can make customers feel uncomfortable in certain circumstances since it is prone to portray the price as being high.

Attentive Staff

All retail associates need to be more than just greeting customers. Retail associates must be able to provide assistance and show the product’s effectiveness. To get a sale to happen your employees must be friendly, positive and willing to assist the customer in every way possible , so that the client is comfortable and at ease.

Creative ideas

You could develop an industry niche to distinguish it from the other. For example, you could run competitions in your store to give customers the chance to win prizes , or simply have one shop filled with custom gift boxes, as there are a lot of people these days who are always searching for gifts to present to loved family members. You can alter lighting or music as well as the style to provide a pleasant shopping experience that is reflective of your brand. This way, customers will feel confident about the values of your business.

In Sum

While discounts and price match can boost sales for a short time but they also decrease your profit over time. Customers only take home the goods they purchased and not anything else.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your customers are treated with respect to boost sales and keep profit. It will result in that your products becoming an relic of the memorable experience and your customers are more likely to come back.

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