Top Short Courses for Overseas Students in Canada in 2023

If you plan to study in Canada for a short time period, one of the best choices available for you is the short courses. The majority of these courses have a career-focused curriculum and involve extra practical training that equips the students to become industry-ready.

The liberal immigration policies of Canada increase the appeal of these short-term courses. You can enroll in a chosen course for gaining unique skills in a short duration.

Canada offers short courses such as Diplomas and Certificates. These are of two kinds:

  •         Post-secondary Diplomas /Certificates
  •         Postgraduate Diplomas /Certificates
  1. Communication Course

Professional short courses in Communication are offered by the MacEwan University of Continuing Studies in Canada. You do not require any previous educational credentials to apply for the course and can choose it in the Edmonton region.

A 6-month course, it offers candidates crucial knowledge regarding interpersonal communication and interrelations. The following topics are covered by this course curriculum:

  •         Business Planning
  •         Life Cycle Management
  •         Project Management
  •         Evaluation of Solutions
  •         Business Analysis

Fees: CAD 16,285

  1. Human Resource Management Certificate

The Certificate course in Human Resource Management is among the highly sought-after short-term courses in Canada. The York University School of Continuing Studies offers this course in Toronto City. Applicants are required to have a Bachelor’s degree because it is a Post-graduate Certificate. The course offers the students the skills for efficiently managing the resources of a company or organization.  

The following topics are covered by this course curriculum:

  •         Recruitment
  •         Labor Relations
  •         Organizational Behavior
  •         Finance
  •         Human Resources Management

Fees: CAD 17,247

  1. Global Logistics Management

MacEwan School of Continuing Studies offers a short-term course in Global Logistics Management. In comparison with other courses of 6 to 7 months, it is a slightly lengthier course. However, it is nevertheless an in-demand one. It permits the students to comprehend global logistics procedures.

The following topics are covered by this course curriculum:

  •         International Logistics
  •         Infrastructure of Logistics
  •         Inventory Control
  •         International Trade
  •         Supply Chain Management
  •         Risk Management

Applicants of this course must have a Degree or Diploma at the Post-secondary level with 1 year of industry work experience.

Fees: CAD 16,285

  1. Software Engineering

The 42-day course in Software Engineering is offered by the University of British Columbia encompassing the basics of the subject. Applicants of the course must possess basic computer knowledge.

The following topics are covered by this course curriculum:

  •         Functions of the software system
  •         Testing and designing of the software system
  •         Building a non-trivial software system
  •         Refactoring and building a quality system

Fees: Free of Charge and Online

  1. Business Administration

The York University School of Continuing Studies offers a short certificate program of 8 months in Business Administration duration at Toronto. It assists individuals in developing into leaders in the current business world.

The following topics are covered by this course curriculum:

  •         Marketing
  •         Functions of Business
  •         Business Communication
  •         Accounting and Analysis
  •         Project Management
  •         Business Introduction

The Post-graduate Certificate course requires the applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree.

Fees: CAD 13,800

  1. French Language

Athabasca University offers a short-term course in the French language. The best feature of the course is the absence of a time limit for its completion. You can learn the French language swiftly when you study it with native speakers.

French language proficiency in Canada can open diverse avenues for employment. You must enroll in this course if you are seeking to learn the French language.

The following French topics are covered by this course curriculum:

  •         Pronunciation
  •         Language Composition
  •         Language –1st and 2nd Year University

The only application criteria to apply for this course is completing 16 years of age. It means only 16 years and above-aged candidates can apply for this program.

Fees: CAD 15,560

  1. Social Media and Digital Marketing

The Trebas Institute offers a short-term course and it is for individuals seeking growth in Digital Marketing. It is an on-campus program of 6 to 7 months duration.

The following topics are covered by this course curriculum:

  •         Online Advertising
  •         Analytics
  •         SEO
  •         Social Media Strategy

The program equips the students in the development and execution of Digital Marketing Strategies. Applicants are required to have completed at least Grade 12 or its equivalent.

All the above-highlighted short-term courses offered in Canada are focused on a precise specialization and equip the students to face the industry. The duration of some of the courses is for 6 months and some have a duration of 11 to 12 months also.

Nationwide Visas offers you the expertise of Study Overseas Counselors who will help you in selecting the right short course and also application. Contact our Consultants to know more about such courses or Canada Student Visa requirement.

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