Which perfume is best  in eau de perfume  or eau de toilette 

Which perfume is best  in eau de perfume  or eau de toilette 

There are many types of perfumes available in the market these days, and there are usually two major options – Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. But which one of these two perfumes you should choose, depends on your needs and usage. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Eau de Parfum 

Eau de parfum is a long-lasting perfume made of alcohol, liquid water, a fragrance blend, and a small amount of oil. This perfume is available in different granularity according to availability. Its use gives you a longer fragrance experience. The percentage of ingredients used for Eau de Parfum is slightly higher, which makes it a sweeter and baller perfume. This perfume is generally used for night occasions.


Saint Laurent, Yves Men’s Yves Saint Laurent 

Yves Saint Laurent is an aromatic fragrance for men it was launched in 2017. and it is a woody and floral fragrance the scent is a sophisticated and glamorous fragrance that is perfect for special occasions or for everyday wear. The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh and citrusy notes, top notes of aldehydes, bergamot, ginger, mint, middle notes of apple, saga, pineapple, and base notes of musk, cedar, balsam fir. it is a good option for a younger audience and this perfume attracts high school and college girls 


Poison Girl Dior for women 

Poison Girl was launched in 2016.  Poison Girl Dior is an amber and fruity fragrance it is a positively stunning fragrance this brand is created high-quality perfume according to me poison Girl Dior  is a good brand and an expensive perfume this perfume is made by a natural source it is a lovely fragrance 

top notes 

Bitter, orange, lemon,

Middle notes 

Damask rose, Grasse, rose, orange blossom

Base notes 

vanilla, almond, sandalwood, cashmere


Eau De Toilette

A specific smell or perfume is referred to as “eau de toilette” in French. In comparison to other varieties of perfume, it has a lighter, more airy aroma and often contains more alcohol than essential oils. Eau de toilette is a popular option for daytime wear because its aroma lasts for a few hours. Since scented water was once used for personal hygiene and grooming, the name “eau de toilette” literally translates to “toilet water” in French.


Coco Mademoiselle channel for women

Coco Mademoiselle is an amber floral perfume for women it was launched in 2001 and this perfume is long-lasting this perfume is a gorgeous fragrance and this perfume ingredient is fresh and citrusy At the top of the fragrance, the notes Jacques polge. orange. mandarin orange. middle notes are Turkish roses. jasmine. mimosa and ylang-ylang and base notes patchouli. white musk. Vanilla and it is regular perfume.  


Bad Boy Carolina Herrera for men 

Bad Boy Carolina Herrera is a spicy fragrance for men Bad Boy was launched in 2019. it was launched by quentin bisch and Louise Turner. This fragrance is a very enjoyable spiced chocolate Tonka has been fragrance and this is perfect for fall and winter night perfume it is a classy, sophisticated, and mysterious 

top notes

Black pepper, white pepper, bergamot 

sage, cedar 

tonka bean, cacao, amber wood  

Difference and Advantages

There are some major differences between both perfumes. Eau de Parfum is a more long-lasting perfume, which makes it more of a perfume. It is a mixture of sweeter and milder fragrances. Eau de toilette, on the other hand, is a more short-lived perfume,

Eau de toilette has fewer ingredients than other perfumes, giving it a fresher and stronger scent. It has some advantages, such as it is more suitable for daytime and it is commonly used in summer. By using Eau de Toilette, you get to experience more freshness and a stronger fragrance.

Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between these two perfumes when you are buying a fragrance. If you want a fresh and strong scent to go through your day, then eau de toilette might suit you. If you are looking for a sweet and bally scent for night purposes, then Eau de Parfum might be more suitable for you. Some people use perfume as per their choice, but most people buy the fragrance based on their needs. Eau de toilette and eau de parfum can both be expensive, but eau de parfum has a higher concentration of ingredients that make it a great choice.



This should have persuaded you, if you weren’t already convinced, that fragrance is a fine art and not merely an olfactory judgment of “this smells good” or “this doesn’t.” Try the Eau de parfum and the Eau de toilette variants before buying your next scent. Eau de toilette is more useful in summer as it leaves a strong fragrance feeling on your skin. In winter, Eau de Parfum is more useful as it gives a refreshing feel to your skin before buying the perfume of your choice based on your needs, you must know about its ingredients and quantity. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose your perfume more carefully. Eau de parfum lasts for a maximum of 4-5 hours while Eau de toilette lasts for 2-3 hours. So, if you want your fragrance to last longer, Eau de Parfum can be a good option.


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