How to Hire a Good Administrative Assistant

An experienced administrative assistant can ensure that your office runs efficiently, whether that’s taking calls and scheduling virtual meetings aiding remote employees to understand the latest software, creating presentations, assisting with the opening of offices purchasing equipment or monitoring your corporate social media channels. But, finding someone who has the skills, knowledge and experience required to meet your needs may be difficult.

Finding a person who has completed an administrative assistant online, that is offered through ABM College is a plus for your business. The type of education offered can produce expertly trained experts.

Learn how you can hire an administrative assistant that will make your job easier, boost the efficiency of your team and help your company.

Write down your goals

Make an outline of the tasks you’d like your new assistant to complete and the qualifications and skills they’ll require in their job. Consider the possibility of answering several questions: can an individual employee be able to manage the work load? Are multiple hires necessary? Do you need skilled temporary or contract workers to handle specific projects?

Make a compelling and clear job proposal

Make the effort to write the kind of job description that draws the top applicants. It’s, most importantly an issue of clearly explaining the position and the responsibilities. A well-written job description entices the attention of qualified applicants and dissuades those who aren’t. A well-written job description can give your new administrator the best chance to succeed as it offers them precise guidelines, while also drawing a picture of their work environment and what you expect starting from the first day.

Do your homework on the salary of administrative assistants

Spend the time to research salary trends prior to beginning an application process for applicants. Administrative assistants are widely regarded as one of the most popular positions in the field of administrative and customer support.

A decent salary guide will provide estimates that can aid you in determining the level of compensation that administrative professionals in your town will receive. You may also alter the salary of an administrative assistant in accordance with these abilities.

Pay attention to even the tiniest aspect

Are they polite in interviews in person or on video? How do they present their written and oral communication abilities when they interact with you? Are they confident? Do they display an optimistic attitude? This can provide you with a clear idea of the skills and attitude for the position of administrative assistant you’re looking to fill.

Request recommendations

It isn’t easy to gather feedback from previous employers If you are able to do so it, they could help you make your hiring choice. Consider a direct conversation with the former employer of a candidate. For instance, you can ask, “I’m considering hiring Pam as an administrative assistant and would appreciate any details you can provide me with regards to her, so that I can confirm that she’s a suitable match for our company.

Seek out “wow” effects “wow” effect

One of the best advice we can offer in evaluating applicants for the administrative assistant job is to determine the areas where they excel. Be sure to look over resumes for red flags and ask questions during interviews that will aid in determining if they’ve completed additional education, maintained professional qualifications, obtained certifications for administrative work or performed other actions which indicate they are an energy-driven character.

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