How To Measure the Success of Your Inbound Marketing?

The lack of clarity or the inadequate definition of objectives to be met is a major problem when evaluating the return on investment for inbound marketing.

It is important to set clear goals. You can help yourself by following the SMART methodology. You can achieve this by setting clear goals. The SMART method can be used to help you.

In this way, our normal sales process goes from Visitors to Leads and clients. Then, evaluate the number of visitors and conversion rates for each.

Establish the methods you will use to convert each of these objectives. Consider you paid and earned media. You will use each of these in your actions to achieve your main goals, mixing them in a way that revolves around the needs of your Internet audience.

Each will then provide you with a measure to evaluate the performance of the and how it contributes to the main strategic goal.


How did you attract people to your campaign?

While no two inbound campaigns are alike, you’ll generally use the same strategy to direct visitors to your valuable content as a way to convert.

The elements include email, social media, and calls to action to direct visitors to the conversion page. Each element has performance metrics that help measure its effectiveness.


Email marketing

You’ll need the following to demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing emails:

  • Delivery rate: This is a percentage of emails that did not bounce and reached your recipients’ mailboxes. This will help you measure the health and size of your database.
  • Open Rate: Many people don’t know that the open rate is more than the subject line of an email, but there are many other factors to consider: day of the week and time of day as well as the sender’s appearance or name. It also allows you to track your brand’s engagement. But what is the average open rate for email marketing?
  • The click-through rate is the best indicator of the content and calls to action that encouraged recipients to click on the landing page.

CTAs are calls to action

You need to think about how to get visitors to your landing page once they arrive at your website.

You must therefore evaluate the success of your calls-to-action To measure performance according to locations, you can perform A/B testing to improve your buttons’ performance and optimize their success.

  • CTA Views: Determine if you are getting enough engagement from your calls to action to drive traffic to the content that you offer.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): This metric shows the percentage of total visitors that click on the call to action.

How to convert visitors into campaign participants?

It’s now time to evaluate the effectiveness of your landing pages and how well your content can generate leads.

  • Page views: The number of people who visit your landing page.
  • Submission rate: You can calculate the submission rate by measuring the number of people who have filled out the form and received the content.
  • Rate of new contact generation: Calculate the number and type of contacts that are generated when a first-time form is filled out.

It may seem overwhelming to see all of this, but if you’re already analyzing your campaigns in this way, you can already tell how they are performing.


How to measure the return on investment?

You will be able to see the contribution of each campaign to your overall business goals and you’ll be happy if you know what ROI a particular campaign has.

You can improve your reporting if you do not get into this level of detail. This will allow you to measure whether your inbound campaign has contributed to your return on your investment.

In many businesses, the evaluation of a successful campaign is not just based on the number of leads that are generated but also the number of customers and income gained.

You can demonstrate the return on your investment if you can measure the effectiveness of inbound marketing campaigns.

Also, you can contact us and our team of inbound marketing specialists will help you in the entire process.

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